#personal journey #heartsurgery

By Tammy Fryer

July 2016 we are house sitting and dog sitting for my in laws while they are visiting family in Utah. We were getting ready for bed when suddenly we received a phone call that my Father-in-law  will be undergoing heart surgery and has 50/50% chance of making it. The surgery will be intense and take atleast 6 hours. He tore his aorta and needs a new heart valve. He recieved a blessing and we prayed and tried to sleep. Every few hours we recieved updates from the anesthesiologist and then eventually the doctor tells my mother-in-law that he survived and will be in ICU. They were concerned they may need to do a second surgery because his aerota had torn all the way down to his stomach and into both his legs. He had developed pneumonia because they had dropped his body down to 60% in the operating room. He was finally off all machine’s and able to breath on his own. My first time seeing him I wanted to cry. His sternum was wired back together and his stitches were fresh. He had visable bruises on his arms and neck. All I could think about was what an amazing human being he is. He is everything I’ve ever wanted and needed in a dad. I’ve never heard that man complain or say anything bad about anyone. He is a hero to many since he has dedicated 30 years of volunteering to the Benton County Fire Department. With me being a survivor of losing everything in a house fire in 2012 I really appreciate all he does. He’s an amazing man and sets such a great example to others.
My Father-in-law recieved a few more blessing (one from my husband) and the doctors were amazed at his recovery. Doctors said he will get his memory back after having no blood going to his brain for 45minutes. They also said it was a miracle at how quickly he’s improving. Recovery is what he will have to go through for at least 3 months.

I like to call my husbands parents mom and dad because they are the closest to being my real parents than my own. Since I was adopted twice and suffered a lot of neglect and abuse (even from adopted parents) it’s nice to have some normalcy in my life. Anyways, mom and dad have been home for a week now and mom goes back to work for the school district in just 1 week. Dad is retired from Hanford but may be limited to what he does as a volunteer firefighter now. He’s a great teacher so I’m sure he can still train firefighters since he is the Captain. I hope dad can continue his dreams and help others. We are certainly grateful for his survival and our family. This experience has made us appreciate each other more, made us stronger, and helped us grow closer.

Doctrine and Covenants: Lay your hands pon the sick, and they shall recover: D&C 66:9.




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