Quality not Quantity 

It all started with a class I took at church called Marriage and Family Relations. Sister Montomery was the teacher and is a great example to many. We started with Chptr 9: “Heavenly Father entrusts His spirit children to earthly parents.” Parents should seek to meet each child’s individual needs. Children are entitled to a loving relationship with their parents. Child abuse is an offense to God. Children bring great joy into their parents’ lives. 

The following day I had a discussion with my husband about what I learned in class and we decided we would try to spend 20 minutes of undivided attention to each family member. There are 4 of us so that’s only 1 hour out of 24 hours in a day that we can take away from our busy lives to do what the other person wants to do. 

I taught my 8 yr old son how to play some basketball and I had a great time doing it! I played picnic/tea party with my 2 yr old little girl and enjoyed teaching her the food objects and pretending to eat them! My husband and son played a game of Uno together. Then he played outside pushing our 2 yr old on the swing and in her Little Tikes Cozy Car. Together we spent some quality time reviewing the book handed out in class that day. It was a great learning experience for all of us. 

I took a risk when my curiosity got the best of me. Wondering why someone was standing in the hall at church and what they were doing. That’s when I learned about the class and I thought for a second I don’t need to go in there but then thought to myself “What’s the worst that could happen? I might relearn something I already know?” I took the risk of maybe being bored and walked in a few minutes into it. Yes, I heard what I already know but sometimes a reminder is great!

 I know I’m not a perfect mother but I also know I’m not a bad mother. What makes me a GOOD mother is I’m always trying to improve my skills and be a better person. That’s what I love about the people in the Mormon church. (Atleast with my experience) We are all sinners and sin differently than others but we are all equal and have the same goal:  To be more like our Heavenly Father! We are all striving to be better people. My biggest pet peeve are people who don’t try to better themselves or their lives. Yes, I have family members that drive me nuts because they know their choices are wrong but yet do nothing to change! 

“The biggest mistake you can make is not making them. If you don’t try you won’t learn. If you’re never willing to learn then there’s no room for growth. Open your heart and mind to opportunities.”   -Tammy Fryer



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